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Pharaoh's Pyramid (Can you Achieve Pharaoh Level?)

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We think this is the best available version of an old solitaire/strategy game (playing instructions are engraved on the bottom along with some game variations).  Beautifully crafted, we think it makes a great conversation piece for a coffee table.

Pharaoh's Pyramid challenges the player to move the purple disks from one side of the board to the other without ever stacking a larger piece on a smaller one. The nine disks are made from hardwood plywood and the deck is cut from hardwood maple.

Achievement is as follows:

4 – Artisan

5 – Merchant

6 – Scribe

7 – Soldier

8 – Noble

9 – Pharaoh!

Can you achieve Pharaoh?

The deck measures 2-1/2" wide, 9" long and is 3/4" thick. Made in USA. Age 8+.

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