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Marble Solitaire

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Our Marble Solitaire is a combination of the French and English styles of the game.  Curl up in front of the fire and try to solve these games.  You can see the English style pictured in-play in our photos (whereby the 4 "corners" are not used).  Marbles jump over each other, similar to how Chinese Checkers is played, except that you must remove a marble once you've jumped over it.  You can store removed marbles in the outer ring.  The goal is to clear all the marbles, leaving one remaining in the centre hole.  The French-style is more complicated than the British style.  How fast can you complete each game?

You will find instructions for both games conveniently engraved on the back. Cherry game board measures approximately 8-3/8" diameter by 3/4" thick.  Package includes 36 marbles and pouch. The board is finished with a clear, durable lacquer.

The game is ideal for ages 8 and up.

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