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Feel Flux - Is it Magic?

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A scientific toy that feels like magic!  A truly unique experience.

Feel Flux uses science that is surprisingly complex.  It is not the usual attracting or repelling forces of magnets you are familiar with.  It's a totally different effect called "Lenz's law", that relies on Faraday's law of induction, and is described by this formula:

                                    \mathcal{E}=-\frac{\partial \Phi}{\partial t},

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the science involved.

Recommended for Age 14 & Up

Versions Available:

(1) The Skill Flux cylinder is designed for tricks.  The "Skill Flux" is simply made of a highly conductive aluminum alloy. There are NO special coils or wires or secret devices inside the cylinder.  The cylinder is just aluminum alloy (NB: aluminum has a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper and is therefore used in the power wiring of some aircraft).  The aluminum alloy allows just the perfect ball-speed.  It's a bit faster than the copper version thus has the perfect dynamics when playing.  Choose your favourite colours and make your own custom set!  The package contains one ultra-strong magnet ball, one Skill Flux tube, and a pouch.

(2) The Skill Set includes two (2) of the Skill Flux tubes, plus one ultra-strong magnet ball, and a pouch.  With two (2) cylinders, you can perform more special tricks or achieve a longer ball-slowing experience.  We offer the Skill Set in the classic colours of one (1) Deep Red and one (1) Smooth Graphite Grey.

(3) The beautiful "Flux Original" is the first and ultimate product and is simply made of 99.99% pure copper.  Similarly, there are no coils or wires or secret devices inside the cylinder.  The cylinder is just pure, beautifully machined copper metal.  Choose this model if you wish to have the strongest slowing effect possible and a high-quality product with an absolute premium feel.  Use it as a conversation piece, a zen relaxation tool or an experimental demonstration device.  Amaze your friends or please yourself over and over again with this addictive scientific toy.  Choose your favourite colour!  The package contains one ultra-strong magnet ball, one Flux Original copper tube, a pouch and a desktop stand.


Great conductors aren't everything needed in order to achieve such an intense "Flux" effect; you also need an extremely powerful magnet.  So the manufacturer has included the highest grade of the strongest kind of permanent magnets in the world ("N52").  It's most probably the strongest magnet you will ever have.

The ball:

  • Can hold a weight of 15 kg (33 pounds).
  • If you put it alone on a flat surface, it will turn itself north.
  • It noticeably repels water.
For further background, please refer to the manufacturer's website as follows:

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