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Petri Dishes - 25 count (Sterile) - 100 mm x 15 mm (with vents) - ISO 9001 Quality

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They’re….alive! When you hear the name “petri dish”, you are definitely thinking science. You want to do something really cool for your science fair project?  Try taking samples of bacteria from around your classroom (with permission), your home or wherever you can think of.  Then see how they multiply and divide until you have so many that you can see them with your own eyes in your petri dishes!

For the growing medium (the food & water for the bacteria), you can make your own nutrient agar at home using kitchen supplies (check out a great recipe here).

This package has plenty of petri dishes…so you can experiment more, and you don't have to worry about mistakes.  And they’re packaged in a sterile pack so you can achieve professional results.

Each petri dish is 100mm x 15mm and is vented.  The lid fits over the dish, and there are four (4) “speed bumps” on the bottom of the lid that creates a gap between the lid and the dish, thereby creating a “vent” that goes right around under the lid.

We are proud to have chosen a world-class Canadian company (who primarily supplies laboratories and hospitals) as our supplier.

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