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Laser Double Slit Mini-Lab (Make Sure You're Sitting Down)

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This Mini-Lab includes everything you need to perform Thomas Young's classic double-slit experiment that demonstrates that light can behave as a wave.  Included are:
(1) One 3-in-1 key chain that includes a 5Mw laser (details below)
(2) 12" of black electrical tape
(3) 6" of 32 gauge wire
(4) Straight-forward step-by-step illustrated instructions (for an adult) so that you can easily and successfully perform the double-slit experiment at home in less than 10 minutes
(5) A kid-friendly explanation of the experiment
The included 3-in-1 key chain is better than you normally find in Canada - it has a red laser pointer, a UV torch, and an LED white light! You can choose the colour of laser that will come with your kit: there are 6 colours - green, black, purple, red, blue and silver. All pointers are 5Mw and have a nice high power, strong, long lasting beam! Besides the double-slit experiment, it's also great for presentations, cats, pets and emergencies!
For a brief demonstration of how the double-slit experiment can be performed at home, click here.
For a great explanation of how light behaves as both a wave and a particle, click here.
For the truly daring (and make sure you're sitting down for this little dose of reality), click here.
Recommended for Age 12 & Up (with adult supervision)
Another recent excellent video that describes the phenomenon...
Another awesome video that I am sharing on Faith:
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