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Laser Double-Slit STEM Box - New & Improved in 2022

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This new and improved STEM Box includes everything you need to achieve an interference pattern with a laser in less than 60 seconds, like Thomas Young's classic double-slit experiment.
What's New:
  • No wire or tape needed
  • 12 different widths of "Beam-splitter"
  • Hand-crafted from Canadian Maple
  • Brushed aluminum backing
Included are:
(1) Coherent light source (i.e., a Red 5mW laser, with a wavelength of ~650nm); you can choose the body colour for the laser you prefer (as pictured).
(2) Double-Slit Assembly (includes “beam splitters” of various widths from AWG 28 through AWG 50 - see Table A). You can see how different wire widths affect the laser interference pattern. You might also wonder: just how tiny is 650nm (~the wavelength of red light)? To help you with scale, we've added a reference guide right onto the Assembly in the form of a "Multiple of Wavelength of Red laser light"  - eg., the tiniest wire (AWG 50) is only 0.025mm, yet is still 39 times as wide as red light waves are long (!!!)

(4) Straight-forward step-by-step illustrated instructions (for an adult) so that you can easily and successfully perform the double-slit experiment at home in less than 60 seconds.
(5) A kid-friendly explanation of the experiment.
For a brief demonstration of how the double-slit experiment can be performed at home using a laser, electrical tape, and AWG 32 wire, click here.
For a great explanation of how light behaves as both a wave and a particle, click here.
For the truly daring (and make sure you're sitting down for this little dose of reality), check out this video:
Another recent excellent video that describes the phenomenon...
Recommended for Age 12 & Up (with adult supervision)

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