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Links to Other Stores

We are continually learning about great Canadian (plus American, and worldwide) companies in the STEM area.  This page is dedicated to providing links to some of our favourites.  We have personal experience with each of them and recommend them to anyone interested.  An awesome U.S.-based scientific supply store run by the famous Bob Lazar.  There is always some new and really cool on offer at United Nuclear.   An excellent source for scientific and lab equipment and supplies (though not a retail outlet).

Unihedron  A Canadian technology company providing some excellent meters for physics and astronomy (plus some beautiful and informative posters).

Bowley Lock Company  A Canadian engineering company that has created some locks that are virtually "unpickable" due to an innovative design.  We love our Bowley Padlock Model 543 (stainless steel) and are very impressed with the design, and its very precise machining.  We learned about the company from YouTuber "The Lock Picking Lawyer".