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Links to Other Stores

We are continually learning about great Canadian (plus American, and worldwide) companies in the STEM area (including some sports/outdoor technology). This page is dedicated to providing links to some of our favourites. We have personal experience with most of them and recommend them to anyone interested.

United  An awesome U.S.-based scientific supply store run by the legendary Bob Lazar.  There is always something new and really cool on offer at United Nuclear.

Linus Tech Tips Store ( A fellow Canadian online retail store, mostly related to their top-ranked, very active and highly-informative YouTube channel, LinusTechTips.

Autonomous | The everything store for Work From Home A Chat GPT 4.0 search for "what are some of the most ergonomic reading chairs?" brought up this source for work-from-home office furniture (as they proudly note, the choice of many employees of Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

AlphaChem Ltd. An ISO-registered Canadian distributor of a vast array of chemicals.

Canadawide Scientific A very comprehensive (though extremely expensive, in our experience) online store for scientific supplies. A good online source for scientific and lab equipment and supplies.

Unihedron  A Canadian technology company providing some excellent meters for physics and astronomy (plus some beautiful and informative posters).

Bowley Lock Company  A Canadian engineering company that has created some locks that are virtually "unpickable" due to an innovative design.  We love our Bowley Padlock Model 543 (stainless steel) and are very impressed with the design, and its very precise machining.  We learned about the company from YouTuber "The Lock Picking Lawyer".

Magic Box Hobbies.  We love this Vancouver shop and all of the possibilities they supply you with!

Painless Learning.  A great selection of educational placemats with very reasonable pricing that was suggested to us by a fellow Vancouverite.

Mountain Equipment Company (MEC).  Famous outfitters in Canada for outdoor sports, hiking, adventure, etc. (sadly, no longer a Canadian co-op).

Skids & Loader - USEEX Reading Theodore Gray's excellent new book, Tools, in late 2023, the author was looking at zoomable video inspection microscopes on eBay, and noticed the name "US Equipment Exchange". A quick search brought up this awesome website. Here's an image of what I'm looking at (having admittedly absolutely nothing to do with zoomable microscopes):

Sadly for the author, living in the suburbs of Vancouver, it's tough to justify such a toy tool. Maybe some day with a ranch?

Digital Inspection Microscope | Industrial Microscopes – Microscope Central This online store carries a type of tool that Theodore Gray assures "You won't regret having one.".

How to enjoy US national parks responsibly ( Includes an interactive map, plus helpful tips such as practicing the principles of ‘leave no trace’, camping and wildlife safety, and fire prevention awareness. Sent to us by Amanda Crowe.

50+ Ways Outdoor Education Can Help Child Development | Forest Holidays Includes 50 ideas for outdoor play, from Mud Pies, to scavenger hunts, and even water bottle rockets. Also includes information about the benefits of outdoor play, especially for parents, guardians, and teachers. Sent to us by Charrie Hayes.

20 Best Hiking & Trekking Holidays Routes - Mercury Holidays A free guide to help you find and prepare for your next hiking adventure. Includes best routes across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, and things to pack. Sent to us by Charrie Hayes.

Staycations & Sustainability Guide: UK Countryside - Last Minute Cottages ( Focused on the UK, but it includes a helpful checklist of 30 items to consider when packing for an outdoor trip. Also from Charrie Hayes.

Exploring Death Valley - Wildflowers, Fees & More - Original Travel A travel guide including some practical tips on managing extreme weather conditions at Death Valley National Park. Sent to us by Mike Sheer.

Culture Hustle by Stuart Semple. A UK-based company that supplies some remarkable materials. Check out Black 3.0, The World's Blackest Black Acrylic Paint, and LIT, The World's Glowiest Glow-in-the-Dark Pigment. An awesome source for stepper motors and all related electrical (power supplies, couplers, motor mounts, etc.). We found Jon, the owner and president, to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Note:  We do not (yet) have personal experience we the following but intend to in the future.

Burnaby Hobbies.  We love their tag line: "At Burnaby Hobbies, We Have Everything - Or We Can Find It".  As the name implies, a store dedicated to selling those T-Shirt cannons you used to see at big events (pre-COVID19).  We don't endorse the safety of any of the products - use at your own risk!

Karst Sports: caving, climbing, outdoors and rescue equipment.  You can even buy calcium carbide from these guys (for mining helmets).  Based in West Virginia.

Meteorites for Sale: The name says it all. You can buy your own meteorite from them. Including ones from the Moon, and if you an unlimited budget, from Mars.

Caledon Laboratories. As per their website: A family-owned and proudly Canadian company, Caledon has over 45 years of expertise in manufacturing high-purity products for analytical chemistry. They provide "quality products to analytical labs, research and educational institutions, pharmaceutical organizations, and production facilities the world over.", or STEAM Centre, is "an education innovation charity", established in 2016. They offer camps (online and in-person), and workshop kits.

Drone Bot Workshop Plenty of resources regarding Arduino, Raspberry Pi, robotics, etc. 

Columbia Tools A proudly Canadian company based in Surrey, BC, that makes some world-class kit - including a fully automatic drywall taping machine!

Saelig Unique Electronics These guys claim to be "the world’s best known manufacturer of PC-based oscilloscopes and data acquisition equipment."