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Favourite YouTube Channels

Tested  Our favourite channel for the latest in technology and popular culture.

Vsauce Created and hosted by Michael Stevens, we've become big fans of this superb and often hilarious Youtube channel.

Veritasium  Created and hosted by Dr. Derek Muller, a fellow Canadian, we love this channel for its deeply thoughtful yet very accessible approach to science.

3Blue1Brown  by Grant Sanderson... a very calm and patient voice explaining math in a way that inspires awe.

UpandAtom  supported by Vsauce, this channel explores some really deep topics in a surprisingly accessible way.

LinusTechTips our go-to channel for computer hardware advice.

ColinFurze an awesome and very entertaining maker.  We think he's brilliant and perhaps England's Adam Savage.

Steve Mould we love his delightful British accent and calming voice.

The Action Lab we love how clearly some very difficult topics are explained.

A Concord Carpenter we love how this channel uses a scientific approach to find the best tools for making.

Project Farm Ever wonder which brand of super glue is truly the best? Like if you made a science fair project out of it? Well, if you'd like to find out the answer on just about everything you can imagine, check out these guys.

Nile Red A fellow Canadian with a huge following and a vast collection of excellent videos of about chemistry.

Jared Owen A wealth of awesome 3D animations of how familiar things (eg., escalator, clicky pen, etc.) actually work on the inside.

Strange Parts a huge library of fascinating factory-tour videos about how things are made in China.

Marques Brownlee  our go-to source for thoughts on new tech, especially new phones.  

Cosmos Club - a new Canadian Youtube channel with some excellent science demonstrations (including a few products that we carry)

The King of Random (TKOR) - an excellent and very popular YouTube channel founded by the late, great Grant Thompson, with a deep library of awesome experiments and explorations of what is possible for really anyone.

Tibees - We love Tibees calming voice with a lovely New Zealand accent :)  We hope you enjoy and learn from her YouTube videos as much as we have.

Mathologer - some really superb explanations about math topics that can be a huge help in understanding math (eg., he points out how we make conscious choices in our mathematics - such as when we convert infinite converging series into exact values with calculus).

Practical Engineering - we find Grady's explanations very clear and engaging about a whole range of interesting topics.

Real Engineering - Tons of excellent videos. Be sure to check out "The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover".

Science Online - Check out their video describing how anyone can directly measure the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere using materials in your home (!)  We plan to watch all of their videos.

Answers with Joe.  Some great explanations on all sorts of topical science items.

theengineerguy. Incredibly clear and interesting explanations of clever mechanisms in everyday items.  We love their open-source approach to developing and sharing content.  Be sure to check out: Coffee Maker: Pumping water with no moving parts; and DLP Projector Stereolithography 3D Printer.

Nighthawkinlight. Be sure to check out his "How to Make a BATSIGNAL (For Real)!" video!

And here are some favourite videos that inspired us early on (especially for those with an interest in Chemistry and fire ...)!

The Magic of Chemistry - with Andrew Szydlo

Chemical Curiosities: Surprising Science and Dramatic Demonstrations

10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation