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Astronomy Resources

First of all, no we don't currently sell any astronomy-specific products. Why you ask? The reason is straight-forward: it's a very specialized area and we think these products are best left to the experts to sell and service.

For those in the Lower Mainland of BC, we highly recommend Markarian Fine Optics. We are very impressed with Harout's deep and up-to-date expertise, passion and professionalism. We also love how warm, friendly and outgoing he is!

We understand that All-Star Telescope (based in Alberta) and Ontario Telescope also have excellent reputations.

Astronomy Resources

(1)  An indispensable time-and-effort saver and frustration-reducer. Includes very precise cloud cover forecasts, light pollution maps, hour-by-hour weather info, Aurora Borealis, and countless other items for your location (and most others in North America).

(2)  A very popular and remarkable resource to understand your night (or daytime) sky. We love the ability to plan the best date / time / location to view target objects. For example, if you want to see Jupiter, Stellarium can tell you exactly where it will be in the sky for any given location, date and time.

(3)  Astronomy-tools  Includes a handy tool to figure out the right magnification for your object of interest.

 (4) BBC Sky at Night Magazine  An excellent resource that includes detailed, thoughtful and reliable reviews of a huge range of astronomy equipment. We recently relied upon this resource to choose a grab-and-go mount that we plan to take to Tofino, BC for some awesome dark sky viewing! (NB: we chose a Vixen SX2 with Starbook Ten controller - with Harout's help, we also plan to use Sky Safari with this mount).

(5) Amateur Astronomy Photo of the Day  As the name suggests, a gorgeous collection of amateur astronomy photographs, including a new one each day.

(5)  It's like eBay, but just for astronomy equipment. We've heard some mixed reviews, but (so far) we've had a very good experience with the service. If you are okay with used or like-new equipment, there are some great deals to be found.


How cool would it be to have remote control over your telescope, and to be able to see what it sees from anywhere? eg., instead of crouching outside in the cold, you could be huddled under a blanket on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee?

We found this following YouTube video very helpful to achieve this level of comfort (lazy?):