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Cribbage Board - Deluxe - Cherry (Premium) - Made in USA  - Science & Engineering Toy
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Cribbage Board - Deluxe - Cherry (Premium) - Made in USA

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Our deluxe continuous cribbage board has 121 holes for each player and is crafted from solid cherry in Vermont, USA.  Each board comes with pegs, a storage compartment in the board for pegs, and paper instructions with rules of play.

Cribbage is a card game traditionally for two players.  The object of cribbage is to be the first to peg 61 or 121 points, depending what is agreed upon.  Each player has two pegs of a colour for keeping his own score.  

A match (much like tennis) consists of more than one game, often an odd number.  

In a two-player game of cribbage, a player scores one match point for winning a game. 

If a player "skunks" their opponent (reaches 121 points before their opponent scores 91 points), that player wins two match points for that game.

Can you "skunk" your opponent?

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