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Mosaic Triangles (96-pack) (Made in USA)  - Science & Engineering Toy
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Mosaic Triangles (96-pack) (Made in USA)

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mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, wood or other materials.  Mosaics have a long history, starting in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC, and remain ubiquitous in modern society - the screen you are reading this on is undoubtedly a mosaic (of pixels).

Our mosaic tiles are perfect for boosting your patterning, sequencing and spatial ability.  Arrange the colourful wooden triangles in countless ways for never-ending design possibilities.  How many you ask?  Well, we did some math...for just the top row of an 8x6 rectangle (you, of course, are not required to make such a rectangle), we get 722,204,136,308,736 different possibilities*.

Triangles measure approximately 1.5 inches on the short sides. Ships shrink-wrapped in a box. Design suggestion sheet included.

Ages 5 & Up.

*  There are eight "squares" along the top row.  The first "square" has 72 possibilities as follows: the first triangle can be 1 of 6 colours, the second triangle can be 1 of 6 colours, so that's 6x6 or 36 possibilities.  But each of these possibilities can be oriented two different ways (i.e., "upslope" or "downslope" for the triangles).  So it's 36 x 2 or 72 possibilities.  So for the 8 across, it would be 72 x 72 etc... or 72^8, which gives 722,204,136,308,736.  Note that there are 18 of each colour in the set, so you can't run out of any colour (i.e., the whole row of 16 blocks could be all one colour).

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