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Tornado Tubes for Creating a Vortex (Made in USA) Educational Products - Science & Engineering Toy
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Tornado Tubes for Creating a Vortex (Made in USA)

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Learn about the forces of nature and how air pressure and density can work together. 

Your Tornado Tube will provide a hands on demonstration of “VORTEX ACTION”. Tornados, whirlpools, waterspouts and similar motions in fluids that occur when liquid drops through an opening are called vortexes. The action is the concentration of kinetic energy (motion of the fluid). In the atmosphere, thermals and wind shear are the source of the energy which produces the vortex. In liquids, such as water, the potential energy (mass) is converted to kinetic energy as it descends, pulled by gravity through an opening. A small initial rotation about the opening becomes more violent (higher rotational velocity) as the molecules come closer to the centre. The resulting outward (centrifugal) "force" tends to keep the liquid out of the exact centre, maintaining a “hole” in the remaining liquid.

Two 2-litre bottles plus one tornado tube = one tornado in a bottle! Great hands-on tool for demonstration of vortex action. (Bottles not included).  Your choice of colour.

Recommended for Age 8 & Up.

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