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Roman Arch Mini-Lab - Amazingly Easy to Build yet Very Strong!

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Most people have heard of the famous "Roman Arch." You can see them in great architecture such as the Colosseum in Rome and bridges and other vital infrastructure around the world. For most people in Canada, however, they are something foreign and ancient. Ask the average person in North America: "Have you ever built a Roman Arch"? The answer for virtually all of us is no.

With this Mini-Lab, we aim to change that. Stop missing out. Build your own Arch!

We supply everything you need: correctly shaped “voussoirs” (wedge-shaped elements used in building an arch); “abutments” that support each side of the arch; and a ‘centring’ (the temporary structure upon which you lay the stones of the arch during construction). It's remarkably easy to do with the materials in this Mini-Lab.

Included with your Mini-Lab are the following:

(1) Nine stones (aka "voussoirs") (plus we added two extra for a total of 11)*;

(2) A simple assembled wooden frame that provides abutments on both sides.

(3) A centring (in the form of two quarter-circles).

(4) An S.T.E.M. Store of Canada information sheet that provides step-by-step instructions and additional background information.

Recommended for Age 5 & Up (with adult supervision)

(1) The stones included with this Mini-Lab are all identical. Any one of these stones may function as the famous “Keystone” (being the final piece placed during construction that locks all the stones into position, allowing the arch to bear weight)!

(2) The Loonie coin (not included with the Mini-Lab) is displayed in some of the pictures to give you a sense of the size of the Arch.

(3) We tried placing a 15-pound weight on top the arch - it held it up no problem (you can see there was no cheating involved)! Can you do the same? Maybe you can achieve even more weight?

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