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LEGO Differential:  Amazing Design...Learn the Secret for Yourself Educational Products - Science & Engineering Toy
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LEGO® Differential: Working Model (Fully Assembled)

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Going around a curve, do you like the inside lane?  Of course!  But do you ever wonder how your car can give smooth power to both inside and outside wheels around a curve? How does your car turn each wheel just the right amount? It turns out there is a wonderful solution to the problem...the "Differential".

To truly appreciate the genius of its design, you may wish to take a few minutes to view the following excellent and straight-forward video from the 1930's of how a Differential works (note: we recommend that you watch the intro with the motorcycles to get the feel of it):

How Differential Gear works (BEST Tutorial)

You will receive a pouch containing 24 LEGO® parts, completely assembled and functional. Explore first-hand with a working model of this piece of engineering brilliance still in operation today. All parts are NEW.

Note: Wheels (also LEGO® Brand and perfectly matched) can be optionally purchased for an extra $2.50 to make it even easier to see how it works (limited quantities).

Recommended for Age 8 & Up

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