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Solar Balloon - 50' (TEDCO) - Prepare to be Popular at Your Local Park!  - Science & Engineering Toy
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Solar Balloon - 50' (TEDCO) - Prepare to be Popular at Your Local Park!

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A solar balloon is a balloon that gains buoyancy when the air inside is heated by solar radiation, usually with the help of black or dark balloon material. The heated air inside the solar balloon expands and has lower density than the surrounding air. As such, a solar balloon is similar to a hot air balloon. Usage of solar balloons is predominantly in the toy market, although it has been proposed that they be used in the investigation of planet Mars, and some solar balloons are large enough for human flight (the one here is NOT).  A vent at the top can be opened to release hot air for descent and deflation.

Demonstrates buoyancy, convection, thermodynamics and solar power. Teaches:

  • Bernoulli's Principle.  Swiss scientist, Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782), demonstrated that, in most cases, the pressure in a liquid or gas decreases as the liquid or gas moves faster.
  • Pascal's Principle.  A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid.
Perfect for classrooms and science projects. Includes one 50 foot long by 29" diameter Solar Balloon, 400 feet of string, complete instructions and science learning guide. Made in USA. Ages 14+.


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